DCS Security Screen Door

The abundance of pleasant weather that Arizona enjoys throughout the year is the envy of many in colder parts of the country, and local residents understandably want to enjoy the comfortable temperatures as much as possible.  When relaxing at home, however, leaving doors or windows open to let the outdoors in poses a security problem: unwanted visitors of the human or animal variety could find their way inside, and small children or pets could escape.  Wrought iron security doors provide the perfect solution to this dilemma, synthesizing style and safety regardless of the style of the property.

The stately appearance of wrought iron boosts curb appeal, and due to the malleable quality of the material, wrought iron doors may be customized to complement any property.  Decorative security doors from DCS Industries are available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern designs with sleek clean lines to elegant scroll patterns to stunning Southwestern imagery.  Doors are also offered in several colors and are equipped with deadbolts and levers adorned with an assortment of finishes, including brushed nickel and antique brass.  These custom options combine to work seamlessly with your existing doors and accentuate the style of the entire property.  Customers of DCS Industries have the option of adding sun screens, which are available in six different colors and block up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays.

Stylish wrought iron carries the added benefit of durability, providing the highest level of security and Security Screen Doors built by DCS Industriesprotection from nature’s elements.  Security doors from DCS Industries are manufactured using top-quality 16-gauge steel.  Like all wrought iron products from DCS Industries, security doors may be galvanized with a protective zinc coating to enhance their sturdiness.

The experts at DCS Industries know that security and beauty are not mutually exclusive.  We work with you to design the security door that best suits your unique needs and preferences.  We also control each step in the manufacturing and installation process.  Ready to begin enjoying the many benefits of a decorative security door?  Call DCS Industries today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!