Security screen doors are a great enhancement to any home, especially in Arizona.  Houses have been closed up and air-conditioned throughout the long, hot summer and now is the time everyone wants to air out the house and let the cooler air flow through the house.  Security screen doors allow homeowners to open the doors and create a fresh air flow without compromising the security of the home.

Our 16 gauge steel screen doors provide a secure framework that can be custom fitted to any door frame, and come in a variety of colored paint finishes.  We have recently expanded our design offerings in security screen doors to include incredibly beautiful styles from simple, geometric lines to traditional Southwestern elements and more elaborate scrollwork that works well with Tuscan architecture.  All of our designs ensure the highest level of safety for your home, while matching the style and feel of your architecture.

Additionally, our security screen doors can be manufactured with an upgraded sunscreen that blocks 80 – 90% of the sun.  This material is available in six different color choices to combine with your choice of paint color.  Perforated metal sheeting is another choice that adds to the door’s security, while still letting the fresh air in.