There is no mistaking traditional Southwestern designs such as the geometric shapes woven into Navajo rugs and blankets, the spirited Kokopelli, sunbursts and designs depicting desert creatures.   Some of these designs represent the Southwest as it was long before the arrival of Europeans, when Native Americans painstakingly wove the designs into handcrafted textiles.

If you live in the Southwest, you recognize the traditional designs from nature, such as geckos and coyotes that represent the wild spirit of the region.  Many homes in the Southwest have a distinctive architectural style that is enhanced by touches of traditional Southwestern design.

Our Security Screen Door Series 3 includes a variety of these traditional designs, and these doors are a great way to incorporate Southwestern style into your home.  Our security screen doors are made of 16 gauge steel and are the perfect combination of style and security.  You can incorporate a traditional sunburst design into a beautiful security screen door that makes the perfect first impression, or greet your guests with a mini-landscape design featuring native cacti and coyotes under a crescent moon.

Security Screen Doors are a great way to express your creativity and add to the design and style of your home.  Take a look at all of our design series to find the one that is perfect for your home.