Security Screen Doors Customize Built by DCS Industries

Most people can picture the typical, old-fashioned screen door on a farm: a wooden frame, with slightly peeling red or green paint, separating two panes of mesh, which possibly have a few holes in them. Some would find this picturesque, the perfect addition to their house to add some character to the otherwise-plain door.

However, the lack of security with such a screen door is a worry to others. These types of screen doors do not protect from possible intruders. Screen doors provide a variety of benefits, like fresh air and natural light, a view of nature, and an extra bit of protection (and therefore longevity) for your main door, but these benefits only go so far in the mind of person predominantly worried about safety.

Are secure screen doors one of your main concerns? Then you are the type of person who should consider installing all-metal screen doors, which also double as security doors due to their durable nature. And just because these doors are entirely made out of metal does not mean that you should lose the aesthetic aspect of a screen door. This lack of options is fortunately not the case today considering there is often wide variety of colors and styles available.

If you are concerned about security along with style, DCS Industries can help you create custom screen and security doors for every entryway of your home to maintain a unified, beautiful look. We use 16-gauge steel and no plastic on the doors whatsoever, not even in the bearings or latches. In addition to the fact that we have only licensed installers, your mind should be put to ease when you choose one of our security screen doors and see its benefits, including safety, put to the test.