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Wrought Iron Repair

If your fence, gate, furniture, security door or other decorative wrought iron fixture is starting to look worn and rundown due to rusting, bent pickets, fading color, or you simply want a new look, DCS Industries , LLC is your wrought iron repair specialist. DCS technicians will repair, or replace, rusted, damaged pickets or posts, fences or gates, whatever your wrought iron repairs are. At DCS we specialize in, but not limited to, refinishing old wrought iron or aluminum fencing, furniture, railings and gate repair.

  • Fence and Gate Repair
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Refinishing Wrought Iron Fences
  • Sand blasting and re-power coating services available

Our wrought iron repair service will save you significant money when compared to replacing the entire fence, gate, fixture, decorative wrought iron piece, etc. We go beyond surface welds, to ensure all of the elements of the original piece are connected.

When the repair is complete, we use the latest technology for refinishing wrought iron, electrostatic painting. This is the premier system for coating metal surfaces on site with no mess, no “over-spray.” Electrostatic painting is a process that uses negative and positive charges to adhere paint to metal surfaces. The electrostatic force pulls the paint around corners, ensuring a smooth, even coat, without dripping.

The DCS Electrostatic Painting Process

  • Sand or grind rusted areas
  • We prime the entire piece or spot prime (depending on the severity of rust) with a rust inhibitor primer.
  • Finally we paint the surface with the highest quality paints designed specifically for metal. We use an electrostatic painter to create an almost perfect finish.

Contact us and let us help you assess your wrought iron repair needs.