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Wrought Iron Fencing Arizona

Quality Wrought Iron Fencing Products

DCS Industries is committed to bringing you the best in wrought iron fencing products providing privacy, security and safety. We design and fabricate all our products here in the metro Phoenix area, providing you with top quality and proficient service. We take pride in providing top sales and service, start to finish; from the design process to the fence installation. DCS Industries manufacturers and installs custom built wrought iron residential and commercial property fencing for:

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • View Fencing
  • Security Fencing
  • Restaurant Patio Fencing
  • Standard and Custom Built Fencing

Our fencing is all custom made and constructed with the highest of quality materials. DCS Industries prides itself in an unsurpassed manufacturing process that begins with our custom manufacturing. DCS Industries, LLC has a custom metal manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona where we have developed a process that produces the highest quality in metal fabrication. We start our process with premium grade steel. Our fabricators inspect the steel to meet all DCS Industries standards. The steel is then cut to size per order. DCS welds all fencing, gates, custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout. All of our metalwork products have an option of galvanization (20 year warranty against rust). DCS can either power coat or electrostatically paint ironworks for quality finishing. DCS can handle any terrain. Call us today for a Free estimate for your Wrought Iron Fencing needs!

Residential and Commercial Security and Perimeter Fencing

DCS Industries, LLC provides security and perimeter fencing to protect both commercial and residential properties. We make quality durable, beautiful pieces that coordinate and accentuate the style of any property.

Custom Wrought Iron Fencing & Installation

DCS Industries, LLC offers customized wrought iron fencing and fencing installation. We perform custom curving and coloring to meet your aesthetic and barrier needs. Our residential and commercial fences are fabricated from powder coated 16-gauge steel. Our fences are brought to your home and installed on-site by a trained licensed professionals (ROC#224890). SAFETY NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD! 
Our wrought iron fencing passes all building code requirements in Arizona.

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