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Gates and Gate Repair

We design, manufacture and install custom wrought iron gates and metal gates in different and unique styles and sizes in Arizona. Only the highest-grade hardware and accessories are used on every gate we build. Every RV, backyard, garden, privacy, and security gate is custom built and manufactured locally in Phoenix. We also provide convenient gate repair services for your residential or commercial gates.

Because we control every part of the manufacturing process to ensure you receive a quality product we are also able to keep our prices down and pass those savings onto you.

We make wrought iron gates and metal gates functional, beautiful and durable.

DCS Industries is qualified to design and build your custom gate with your desires and requirements. Every gate can reflect your personality, your character, your lifestyle.

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Rolling Gates

All of our products are manufactured with the highest grade of materials available. Our mission is to provide residential and commercial customers with the best products available for their individual needs.

Our manufacturing process is a step by step-quality control process ensuring every piece we make is of the highest standards. Once we have made the highest quality product we professionally install the gate, making sure all parts are in working order and that safety is ensured. We make sure that all hinges and locks are in working order and are up to local building codes.

Gate Repair

Having problems with your existing gate? Gate crooked or are your hinges and latch not working properly? Do you need to replace hinges and latches with parts that satisfy building codes? Is your wood not sitting properly on the gate? Wrought iron looking rusted, tired and worn out? Over time, the weather, sun, water, and wear and tear on a gate can take a toll.

DCS Industries, LLC provides all services for fixing and repairing gates. We can repair your gate to make it look almost new, or if necessary, will recommend replacement if the gate is beyond repair. We are knowledgeable and trained in the necessary building codes for areas in Phoenix Metro area and can bring your property up to code for your barrier safety needs.

Contact us and let us help you assess your gate needs.

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Custom colors available upon request