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A Solution for the Lakes of Tempe’s Rusted Fence Dilemma

Rusted fencing at Lakes of Tempe Community Center

Rusted community fencing at Lakes Community Center in Tempe

Grassy areas are popular in Arizona communities for the lush aesthetic that they add to the desert environment. However, the watering systems necessary to keep the grass verdant are often harmful to many fences or walls surrounding the area.  Frequent contact with water may cause these barriers to rust and deteriorate.

The Lakes of Tempe Community Association encountered this problem with one of their existing fences.  Due to contact with sprinkler water, the fence had accumulated a significant amount of rust and was visibly in a state of disrepair.  Fortunately, the Lakes of Tempe consulted with the experts at DCS Industries for designing and installation of new wrought iron fencing. DCS Industries was able to offer a functional long-term solution that restored the area’s attractive appearance.

New Fence at Lakes Community Center Tempe

New Wrought Iron Fencing at Lakes of Tempe Community Center

Through the use of a process known as galvanization, which seals the wrought iron with a protective zinc coating, DCS Industries was able to ensure that the new fence will not rust like the old one did.  All galvanized fencing from DCS Industries carry a twenty-year warranty against rust, giving property owners peace of mind that their investment will remain functional and beautiful for years to come.

DCS Industries also applied electrostatic powder coating to give the fence a more durable finish.  Designed to weather even the harshest conditions, powder-coated finishes are less likely to chip, peel, fade, or crack than typical paints.  To further address the Lakes of Tempe Community Association’s needs, DCS Industries used heavier gauge steel to prevent the fence’s pickets from bending and incorporated stamped pickets so that the fence will be very difficult to climb.

Thanks to DCS Industries, the Lakes of Tempe can look forward to many more years of enjoying a sleek, rust-resistant wrought iron fence to accent its property!  DCS Industries designs, manufactures, and installs high-quality fences and gates customized to suit community and commercial needs.  Call 623.825.7700 today for a free estimate.

Lakes community center in Tempe 2

Protect Your Business with Function & Form – Security Gates

Decorative Security Gate at a Preschool

Since most commercial properties house large troves of valuable assets, businesses need to protect themselves from vandals, thieves, and other unwanted visitors who would bring them harm.  But when used in the commercial context, the words “high security” tend to conjure images of unattractive barbed wire barriers that are entirely inconsistent with the inviting appearance that most businesses seek to convey.  Fortunately, DCS Industries offers custom gates that satisfy both practical and aesthetic concerns.

DCS Industries creates several different gates series, and all options may be further customized to suit your preferences for color, finish, latching mechanisms, and more.  From the budget-friendly Phoenix Series to the elegant, high-end Deco Series, all of our gates bolster security and enhance curb appeal for any business.  DCS Industries also offers rolling and automated gates, which allow businesses to easily control the passage of vehicles and equipment.

Many of our gates combine wrought iron with natural and composite wood made from high-quality materials such as cedar and redwood.  This union adds an alluring look to commercial properties.  As compared to other types of gates, wrought iron provides more reliable security and greater durability, enabling it to withstand the intense sun, high heat, and treacherous monsoons that outdoor fixtures face in Arizona.  As an extra layer of protection, DCS Industries offers the option of galvanization, which is the process of adding a zinc coating to Peninsula HOA Security Gate by DCS Industriesguard against rust, with a twenty-year warranty for all wrought iron products.

Gates are essential to protecting your business.  Any selection from DCS Industries promises to accentuate and safeguard your commercial property while enduring the elements year-round.  With over a decade of experience, DCS Industries controls each step in the manufacturing process, including design and installation.  This helps to keep our prices low while ensuring that our products are of the highest quality.  Call us today for a free estimate – 623.825.7700.

Commercial Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Fencing for Commercial Properties

In most instances, discussions about fencing and gates focus on residential properties and the benefits available to homeowners in terms of security and curb appeal.  However, it is also important for commercial properties to install fencing and gates.  Businesses rely on security, privacy, access control, and aesthetic appeal for a wide variety of reasons, and a simple way to obtain higher levels of these four elements is through custom wrought iron fences and gates for commercial properties regardless of what type of business.

Rather than chain link fences, wrought iron fences are customizable, more durable, and provide better protection for your commercial property.  By installing wrought iron fences and gates, your business can polish its image and curb appeal as well as highlight the surrounding property in a pleasing way.  Also, galvanized wrought iron fences from DCS Industries come with a twenty-year warranty against rust, giving your fence better protection from the elements than other alternatives.  It also serves the purpose of giving you more control over who can get onto your property and when they are allowed access.  Whether it is solicitors or after-hours visitors, wrought iron fences and gates make it easier to prevent these individuals from bothering you when they are unwanted.  Of course, the most important reason for installing wrought iron fencing is security.  A well designed, expertly installed, high quality fence can help keep your property safe and secure from vandals or thieves that could negatively impact your Commercial Fencingbusiness. DCS Industries, LLC has been designing, manufacturing, and installing commercial fences in Arizona for more than a decade.  Our experts have worked with office buildings, industrial facilities, and large-scale residential sites to create the highest quality wrought iron fencing for the businesses.  With customizable options, finding a design that fits your business aesthetic and your budget is entirely possible with DCS Industries.  Call today to discuss your commercial fencing needs and receive a free estimate: 623-825-7700.

Security Can Be Beautiful

Security Screen Doors by DCS Industries

As the summer winds down, and everyone’s schedules fill back up with school, sports, and weekend adventures, it is also time to start thinking about fall home improvement.  Updating strategic pieces of your home can improve security as well as curb appeal, and an excellent way to do both of these things is with a decorative security screen door.  Decorative security screen doors by DCS Industries, LLC, are custom made to fit your home and crafted from 16-gauge steel for maximum safety.  The fit is always perfect after licensed professionals install the door. Security screen doors allow you to enjoy the indoors and outdoors simultaneously, reducing the barriers between the cooler fall weather and the comfort of the indoors without reducing the confidence a homeowner should have in the safety of their home. Plants, animals, or people will not be able to get through these screen doors, so homeowners can enjoy without the worry of unwanted guests.

These security doors work with the existing property to provide a cohesive look for every home.  They are durable and rugged, and DCS Industries offers four different series for clients to choose between in order to meet design and budget needs.  The custom wrought iron and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing and installing each screen door guarantees homeowners a beautiful and highly functional final product that will improve security and curb appeal.  DCS Industries owns every step of the design, manufacturing, and final installation process, which guarantees that a highly trained expert will be handling your project from start to finish.  Call now for a free estimate of your security screen door needs, and have the project completed in time so you can relax and enjoy the improved safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal that comes with security screen doors! 623.825.7700

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