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Caring for Your Wrought Iron Gates and Fences

Wrought iron fences and gates provide creative and attractive alternatives to traditional cement or wooden barriers for homes. It is more durable and will bring an aesthetically pleasing quality to your home. However, there is a trade off that comes with these desirable qualities! Wrought iron fences and gates require more attention and care from the owner than some of the other fencing materials. It is important to know how to keep your fences and gates looking beautiful and working well. With winter approaching, it is important to learn how to care for and maintain your new wrought iron boundaries if you want them to last.

In Arizona, the winter months can be cool and sometimes wet. Most wrought iron fences are now made out of steel rather than iron, making them more affordable and durable. Steel is still susceptible to rust though, and it requires some care. One way to prevent weather from damaging your beautiful fencing is to apply a protective product, such as car wax, can help prevent corrosion and rust from damaging the metal. Also, something as simple as covering your gate or fence with a tarp during one of the few winter rain storms Arizona gets will save you time and money in repairs.

The mostly dry and warm climate of Arizona is perfect for having a wrought iron fence or gate around your home. The bountiful amounts of sunshine make cleaning the gates easy in comparison to the more humid climates across the rest of the country. To clean the metal work, use a mixture of warm water and dish soap. You only need to wipe the metal clean of dirt and other things that could cause corrosion. The plentiful warmth from the sun will dry the metal work without any help from you, making your job much easier.

Wrought iron work can add a beauty and value to your property that few other things will. Finding the right fence and the right contractor to install it can be one of the most rewarding home improvement choices a home owner can make. DCS Industries has been installing and manufacturing high quality wrought iron fences and gates in Arizona for the last ten years. A quality product begins with a quality contractor. To learn more about DCS Industries, LLC and their quality products, be sure to visit

Choosing a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is a popular option for many people. Rather than having a solid wall of fence around the home or business, wrought iron fencing provides an attractive alternative that allow for more visibility while still providing boundaries. If you are considering a wrought iron fence for your yard, be sure to investigate the quality of the fence before you make a final decision. Not all fence materials are created equal, choose high quality fencing that will last longer, and provide years of service. No other type of fencing combines customized options, beauty and strength like wrought iron fencing.

While they are still referred to as “wrought iron” fences, these types of fences are rarely made out of wrought iron today. Instead, they are often made of steel with a wrought iron design, which is more affordable. The grade of metal makes a big difference in the lifetime of the fence. Most wrought iron fences look identical when new, but within a few years the level of quality will begin to show.

Low quality fences will begin to rust within just a few years. Typically these fences are made with low quality steel and are only galvanized on one side, leaving the other side (typically the inside) vulnerable to rusting. When shopping for a fence, be sure to choose a design that includes galvanized steel on both sides of the fence. In addition, look for a high zinc rating, as this is a sign of better quality metal. Powder coating or electro statically painting your fencing opens up a variety of color choices to best match your property and design aesthetic.

Construction quality of the fence is another important consideration. Choose a company based on a number of factors, not price alone. Take into consideration references, experience, and written guarantees. For your own protection take the time to speak to existing customers and also take the time to view the potential contractors’ work. Ask about the company’s construction standard details (it is a red flag if they have few or none). A company with detailed plans and an organized crew is more likely to deliver a quality product that you can depend on for years to come.

For More Information
When searching for the right fence for your fencing project, be sure to choose one that can withstand the test of time. To learn more about DCS Industries, fencing quality, and choosing high grade products for your new fence, visit!

Large Rolling Gate Installed Recently in Peoria, Arizona by DCS Industries

This is a new rolling gate that DCS Industries installed in Peoria Arizona. The gate is 18 foot wide by 6 ½ feet tall with Rustic Cedar composite wood. DCS Industries designs, manufactures and installs different and unique custom metal and wrought iron gate styles and sizes in Arizona. Only the highest-grade hardware and accessories are used on every gate we build. Every RV, backyard, garden, privacy, and security gate is custom built and manufactured locally in Phoenix.
IMG_0222 IMG_0226

Check Out DCS Industries Gallery Portfolio of Custom Gates!

Affordable Gates:
Phoenix Gates are very affordable and can provide a fresh look and improved curb appeal. Natural or composite wood can be used to achieve a desired finish. /custom-gates/phoenix-series-gates/

Elegant Gates
Elite Series Gates offer a simple, yet elegant look. Composite wood with no pickets between wood slats, giving an “Elite” look at a cost effective price. /custom-gates/elite-series-gates/

Arched Gates
Mesa Series Gates have stylish arches and beautiful looking composite wood. These elegant gates area great addition to any residence. /custom-gates/mesa-series-gates/

Decorative Scrolled Arched Gates
Deco Series Gates are the highest quality series. Decorative scrolls with a gradual arch provide an elegant look. Composite wood used in these gates looks natural and is maintenance free. These beautiful and decorative gates can add value and elegance to any home. /custom-gates/deco-series-gates/

Custom Wood and Composite Wood Gates
Custom Gates to beautify an property. DCS Industries can build gates to fit any home or property. Wood or composite wood gates available. /custom-gates/custom-gates/

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