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4 Ways that Wrought Iron Contributes to the Beauty of Any Home

DCS Industries Custom Wrought Iron

When planning any home improvement, style is a central consideration.  Although it must be balanced against factors such as cost and utility, homeowners seek new additions that accentuate the style of their property and reflect their personal taste.

Whether it is in the form of a fence, door, or artistic centerpiece, wrought iron enhances the beauty of any home.  If you are considering a home improvement, here are four reasons why incorporating wrought iron is an excellent way to boost curb appeal:

  1. Wrought iron is inherently beautiful.  With a rich history spanning several centuries and continents, diverse societies around the world have long admired wrought iron’s balance of strength and elegance.  Regardless of its function or style, wrought iron is a timeless work of art.
  2. Wrought iron is customizable to suit individual tastes.  Is the style of your home modern and minimalist?  Stately and traditional?  Creative and edgy?  No matter your preferences, the malleable nature of wrought iron allows it to be tailored to make your home look its best.
  3. Wrought iron offers options to prolong its aesthetic appeal.  Nothing compromises the natural beauty of wrought iron like rust or a chipping, fading, or peeling finish.  To prevent these undesirable effects, the professionals at DCS Industries recommend galvanization, or the process of sealing the iron with a protective zinc coating to safeguard against rust, for all wrought iron fixtures.  Galvanized products DCS Industries LLC Custom Wrought Iron Workfrom DCS Industries carry a twenty-year warranty.  We also offer electrostatic powder coating, a high-tech method of paint application that creates a precise and durable finish.  Electrostatic powder coating is a worthwhile investment for outdoor fences and gates because it is specifically designed to withstand nature’s harshest elements.
  4. Wrought iron fences and security doors keep your property safe without compromising the view.  At DCS Industries, one of our popular products is view fencing for residential yards.  This type of fencing keeps pets and small children from wandering off the property, prevents unauthorized entrants, and seamlessly blends into the landscape to allow homeowners untainted views of the scenery beyond.  Security doors are another appealing option for creating a barrier between the home and the outside world while adding to the home’s curb appeal.  Security doors from DCS Industries are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.DCS Industries Custom Wrought Iron Gates

DCS Industries has been designing, manufacturing, and installing wrought iron products in the Phoenix area for over ten years.  Because we control each step in the process, we can guarantee that the finished product will consist of the highest quality materials and will accentuate the style of your home.  Contact us today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!


Precision Painting: How Electrostatic Powder Coating Offers a Superior Paint Application

DCS Industries Commercial Powder Coating Service

DCS Industries Commercial Powder Coating Service

Architectural features and fixtures with chipped, faded, or peeling paint can quickly cause an otherwise well-maintained property to appear dilapidated.  Fortunately, science offers a solution to this common problem: electrostatic powder coating.  Available for a wide variety of pieces in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, this technologically advanced method delivers an efficient, precise, and durable paint application.

The electrostatic process must include a conductive material, such as metal, and charged particles in the paint.  These two elements form an ionic bond, with the charged particles drawn to the conductive material.  As a result, the paint seamlessly adheres to the surface of the object, and the process is quicker and wastes less paint than traditional application methods.  The high degree of precision offered by electrostatic painting makes it an excellent choice for products that have intricate or elaborate designs, such as light fixtures, patio furniture, or custom wrought iron gates.

One of the main advantages of electrostatic powder coating is the strong finish it creates.  Even when faced with nature’s harshest elements, like the intense sun, heat, and heavy rains that are characteristic of the Arizona climate, powder coating is resistant to chipping, peeling, cracking, and fading.  This strength translates to cost savings for property owners as they enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

With over a decade of experience, DCS Industries specializes in electrostatic powder coating on residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  From small light fixtures and patio furniture to colossal wrought iron fences and gates, DCS Industries uses this innovative method to create a flawlessly smooth coat on new wrought iron products, as well as products that have become worn down and need to be refreshed.  They offer pick-up and delivery from their facility in Phoenix, where the powder coating process is performed by highly trained teams.  DCS Industries is proud to offer some of the best prices and quickest turnaround times for electrostatic powder coating in the Phoenix area.  Call today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate.

DCS Industries Patio Furniture Repair

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Before Powder Coating

DCS Industries Patio Furniture Repair

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture After Powder Coating


Protect Your Home with Stylish Wrought Iron Fencing

DCS Industries Wrought Iron Fencing

For most homeowners, their houses and yards serve as private havens from the outside world.  When installing fixtures on the property, security is paramount, but aesthetic appeal is also a central consideration since the home is a reflection of personal style.  Wrought iron fencing offers the ideal blend of both factors.

For residential fences, one of the primary advantages of wrought iron is its durability.  It is significantly stronger than other materials, enabling it to withstand the natural elements to which fences are exposed.  Wrought iron is also resistant to damage and tampering that may be caused by intruders of the human or pest variety.  All wrought iron products from DCS Industries offer the option of galvanization, which provides an additional layer of protection by coating the iron with zinc.  Our galvanized products carry a twenty-year warranty against rust.

Another quality that makes wrought iron an excellent choice for residential fencing is its malleability.  This allows wrought iron products to be molded to suit the unique style of any property.  Wrought iron in itself has a naturally elegant aesthetic, but with the custom curving, coloring and contouring options offered by DCS Industries, it is sure to boost your home’s curb appeal.

DCS Industries Wrought Iron Fencing

The team of experienced professionals at DCS Industries designs and manufactures a variety of wrought iron products, including perimeter fencing, security fencing, and view fencing.  View fencing is a particularly popular option for residential settings because it allows homeowners to enjoy the scenery beyond their yards while maintaining privacy and security. All wrought iron fences from DCS Industries are constructed at our custom metal fabrication facility in Phoenix.  Our trained, licensed professionals then bring the fence to your home for seamless installation regardless of the terrain of your property.  All of our products comply with state and local building codes and pass muster under our meticulous inspection.  Contact us at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!

Customized Gates to Secure and Enhance Any Property

DCS Industries Deco Gate

DCS Industries Deco Gate

In order to create a barrier between the backyard and the world outside, many homeowners install gates in their side yards.  These gates serve the important function of preserving privacy, preventing unwanted intruders from entering the yard, and enclosing a secured area in which children and pets can play.  Since side-yard gates are generally visible to neighbors and visitors, they also need to be aesthetically pleasing and complementary to the style of the property.

Gates from DCS Industries provide the ideal answer to all of these considerations.  From the simple, budget-friendly options of the Phoenix Series to the elegant selections of the luxurious Deco Series, DCS Industries offers a gate for every property.  Our gates are available in either natural or high quality composite cedar or redwood, stylishly accented with wrought iron.  As with all of our other products, the wrought iron elements may be galvanized with a protective zinc coating to safeguard them against rust for a guaranteed period of twenty years.  Composite wood is a particularly popular choice for gates because it is virtually maintenance free.  Customers can select from a variety of colors for both the wood and the wrought iron, as well as options like elegant arches, decorative scrolls, and custom designs.  With all of these choices, you are sure to find a gate that will enhance curb appeal no matter the style of your property.

DCS Industries Custom Gates

DCS Industries Custom Gates

At DCS Industries, we understand that your home and yard form a sanctuary, and establishing a safe, private space for your family to enjoy must be balanced with the need to maintain your property’s appealing image.  We can help you accomplish these goals with our vast selection of gates.  With over a decade of experience, our experts will design, create, and install custom gates that reflect your style and suit your desires, needs, and lifestyle.  Call us today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!

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