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Your Home: “The Science of Electrostatic Painting on Wrought Iron”


Science and home improvement come together in the process called “electrostatic painting.”  The term “electrostatic” refers to the DCS Wrought Iron Gatestatic charges of particles or fields, rather than an electric current like those generated by light bulbs.  While you may be familiar with how useful electric currents can be for your home, electrostatic energy has been put to use in certain manufacturing processes that are frequently used in household products.

Electrostatic painting in particular refers to the use of charged particles in a painting process, usually the painting of a larger manufactured work piece or structures with many details like holes or curves.  DCS Industries uses electrostatic painting when they produce their customized wrought iron works or during repair projects at a client’s home or business.   The process involves a work piece that is electrostatically conductive, like metal, and electrically charged paint.  The process saves time, energy, and resources in the production or repair of structures like wrought iron fences.  The charge of the paint and the conductivity of the metal create an ionic bond, which means that a fence, railing, gate, or even patio furniture can be repainted in less time and by using less paint because the paint is attracted to the metal piece.  This makes it easier to cover detailed surface areas in an efficient amount of time.

The final product is durable, less likely to chip, crack, fade or peel over time and through season changes. The highly trained professionals at DCS Industries, LLC will complete the job and meet the strictest requirements and codes for any project. All electrostatic paintings done by DCS Industries must pass our quality standards and are inspected to maintain the highest level of excellence on every job, and has a 20 year warranty! For more information call 623-825-7700.

Spruce Up This Summer!


DCS Industries Custom Gates As spring warms and soon becomes summer, now is the perfect time to think about doing a little bit of home improvement before it becomes too hot to do anything strenuous outside.  There are simple up keep tasks that can be completed easily enough – mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, or weeding the garden to name a few.  However, larger projects can prove more time intensive but also infinitely more rewarding.  If you’re considering doing some external improvements and renovations, don’t go straight for a repaint of the entire house in order to up the curb appeal! Something as simple as a replacing a gate can make a spectacular difference on the overall look of your home.

One beautiful and lasting option for updating the exterior of a home is the installation of a decorative gate.  These gates can be located at the front of your home, accenting a walkway up to the door; they can be used as entrance to a courtyard at the front of the home; or they can even be used as a side gate that leads to the backyard.  These decorative gates, manufactured and installed by DCS Industries, LLC, are crafted from the highest quality of wrought iron and custom made to fit your tastes and the aesthetics of your home.  All of these custom wrought iron gates are made in a local facility, where DCS Industries controls every step in the process, which guarantees you best quality product as well as the ability to pass on savings to you.  With options to customize everything from color, to design, to the latching – you will be able to design a gate that will update the look of your home beautifully without requiring a total face-lift for the rest of it.  Call 623-825-7700 to get a FREE estimate for your own decorative gate and spruce things up this summer!

Why We Love Sliding Door Repair (And You Should Too)!

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Minimizing the barriers between indoor and outdoor living is one of the benefits of living in a climate like the one found in Arizona.  Mild falls, winters, and springs make outdoor living a near year-around experience.  Evenings on the patio and afternoons in the backyard are numerous and immensely enjoyable, and one way to access this beautiful lifestyle is through the use of sliding glass doors.  Not only do they eliminate the visual barriers be providing a clear, perfect view of the yard, but they are easy to operate.  A simple slide, and you’re already outside.  But what happens when that slide becomes more difficult?

Over the course of time, sliding doors can become hard to operate – not because we forget how, but because they get stuck.  It should never take an adult’s full body weight to open the door to get outside! But what can be done to remedy the situation?  Some might immediately jump to the conclusion that a door replacement is in order, but DCS Industries wants you to know that sliding door repair is usually the better option. Sliding doors usually stop working because something is wrong with the roller or the track – things that can all be fixed without a full replacement.

DCS Industries has been providing this exact service to their customer base for years.  DCS Industries uses a heavy-duty double roller, and the tandem rollers make opening and closing the sliding door much easier.   If it’s the track that’s causing problems, then don’t worry – DCS Industries also performs track replacements! Don’t buy a completely new door when it’s only certain parts that are causing problems!  Call DCS Industries for a free estimate: 623-825-7700

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