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Air Conditioner Covers

Commercial AC Cage

DCS keeps your air conditioning units safe from vandalism and theft with air conditioner covers. Air conditioning units can be the target of copper thieves, leaving you or your business facing the major expense of air conditioner repairs or replacement that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Our tested AC cages deter thieves from even attempting to damage your air conditioning units, and provide strong protection from attempted theft.

DCS air conditioner covers are a simple solution to a potentially devastating and expensive problem.

Because air conditioning units are usually placed out of sight, they are easily destroyed by intruders looking for copper to steal even the units themselves.  They are easily installed by our professionals and can easily be moved for maintenance.

DCS air conditioner covers can be custom-fit for residential or business air conditioning units.constructed of premium grade steel. Our fabricators inspect the steel to meet all DCS Industries standards and provide the necessary strength for a quality AC cage. DCS welds all custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality

Residentail Air Condition Cover

Residentail Air Condition Cover

is maintained throughout. All of our air conditioner covers have an option of galvanization (10 year warranty against rust). DSC can either power coat or electrostatically paint ironworks for quality finishing that won’t detract from your property and will keep your air conditioner safe in its AC cage.

Protect yourself today with DCS air conditioner covers.